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Asthma Key Ring with Large Charm


If you want more then one charm on your key ring, order a key ring with a charm and then order an additional charm for the key ring here: Additional Key Ring Charms. We'll put the additional charms on the key ring.

In an emergency medical situation when every second matters, this key ring can be a life saver. Those around you will notice your charm and become aware of your condition. If you have Asthma, then you know how critically important is that medical providers know about your condition when caring for you

The photos display the front and back of one charm on the key ring.  The charm and key ring are water resistant.


Sizes and Material

The nickel plated key ring is 1 1/4" in diameter. Large charms are .65 inches in diameter and XLarge charms are .75 inches.

The key ring and charm is waterproof.


Ship To Purchase Amount  Cost
United States $125 and up FREE
United States less than $125.00 $3.95
United States Priority Mail Purchase over $10 $8.50
Canada  $200 and up FREE
Canada  from $100 to $199.99 $13.00
Canada less than $100 $13.75
United Kingdom  $200 and up FREE
United Kingdom  from  $100 to $199.99 $13.75
United Kingdom  less than $100 $15.00


Shipping is via First Class United States Postal Service.

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