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Where QR Codes are used

QR barcodes are increasingly being using by major retailers and healthcare providers. QR barcodes are being adopted as an efficient means for ticketing, order renewal, and safer delivery of health care services.

Examples of QR barcodes currently include:
        Paypal: Used in Paypal's mobile payments system. 
        Amtrak Ticketing: Travelers download QR barcode to phone, providing extremely fast check ins.
        Walgreens: Customers renew prescriptions by scanning QR barcode on medication labels using Walgreens' App.
        Hospitals: QR barcodes on patient wristbands ensure patients get proper care by decreasing medication errors and improving patient safety.
        Emergency Rooms: ER doctors use Google Glass and QR barcodes to identify patients. Check out how this cool use of QR barcodes here .

Paypal Mobile

Amtrak Ticketing

Walgreen Prescription
Renewal App

Hospital Wristband