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Squid (Square IDs) and MedAll (Medical and Allergy) medical IDs compared

Medalls (Traditional IDs)

Medall (MEDical and ALLergy) bracelet charms and aluminum dog tags are medical IDs that list a particular allergy or medical condition like Diabetes or Peanut Allergy. Medalls provide a quick and easy visual alert to your particular condition. We offer pre-printed dog tags and bracelet charms.

Medalls complement your Squids or stand on their own.

Squids (Square IDs)

Squids (Square IDs) are a new kind of medical ID bracelet and medical ID dog tag that connects to an online medical profile and alerts emergency contacts.
Medical professionals can access your medical information in two ways:
  • Scanning the QR bar code using any one of the 1000s of free scanning APPs available for phones and tablets 
  • Going to the website address written on the back of the Squid
Then the following happens: Show your doctor the medical information your have entered in your online medical profile. Update your medical information whenever it changes.

Subscription to the powerful "Square Deal" profile is included for the first year. After the first year, the "Square Deal" subscription is $25 per year. The Basic profile is available for free after the first year, and it offers fewer features than the "Square Deal".
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