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Privacy Policy

Our Promise:
My ID Square will never sell your information. We hate spam too.

Privacy Policy Terminology and Definitions:
An Account Holder is a person over the age of 18 who purchases a My ID Square product.
A Squid is a My ID Square item that displays a QR code.  
A Squid Wearer is a person for whom a My ID Square item with a QR code on it (Squid)  has been purchased and an emergency medical profile has been created. 
A MedAll wearer is a person for whom a My ID Square item without a QR code on it has been purchased.
An Emergency Contact is a person designated by the Account Holder as the person to be contacted in an emergency situation in which the Squid Wearer’s QR code is scanned, or the  URL and unique CODE is entered.
A Medical Care Provider includes but is not limited to first responders, emergency medical personnel, physicians, nurses, medical techs, police officers and good samaritans.
The Emergency Medical Profile (EMP) is the secure and confidential emergency medical profile created by the Account Holder for a Squid Wearer for the purpose of making the Squid wearer’s medical information available and accessible in an emergency.
The Program is the service by which a Squid Wearer’s EMP is made available through the service provided by My ID Square. An Account Holder must be 18 years old or older to register a minor or dependent as a Squid wearer within his/her account.
My ID Square Privacy and Confidentiality Policies: 
My ID Square is committed to protecting your privacy and maintaining the confidentiality of any and all information you provide through our website, email, data center and all other means.  My ID Square utilizes a HIPPA compliant, firewalled server and all communication with this server is conducted using secure https protocol. All information collected and stored by My ID Square is provided by the Account Holder and is stored on My ID Square’s server. Anyone who scans a QR code or uses the URL and code on the Squid to access the EMP will be able to see the entire EMP. 
My ID Square will not sell, share, or otherwise provide your name, address, email address or any other information that you provide or we collect to third parties for any purpose, nor will we sell, share, or otherwise provide the name, address, email address or other information of any contact you provide for the purpose of creating your confidential emergency medical profile.  My ID Square may send you email messages regarding the latest news, special offers or promotions for My ID Square products and services.  We will never provide your email address to a third party, and we will not send emails to you on behalf of a third party.  You may opt out of our emails at any time by clicking "unsubscribe" at the bottom of any such email you receive.  Unsubscribing from our emails will not impact your service in any way.  
The Account Holder understands that the transmission of a Squid Wearer’s EMP through a QR code scan or via the URL and unique CODE found on the Squid is integral and necessary to the Account Holder and Squid  Wearer’s use of and participation in the Program.  The Account Holder acknowledges and agrees that all EMPs within the account will be available for viewing by anyone who scans the SquID or goes to the URL and enters the CODE (both are on the back of the SquID).  In addition, we strongly recommend that you maintain the security of your account by protecting the secrecy of your username and password to the account. 
We maintain the privacy and confidentiality of all account holders and users, current and past.  If a Squid  Wearer’s participation in the Program is terminated before the subscription period is complete, the Squid  Wearer’s profile remains accessible via the Account Holder’s account, but not by a scan of the Squid  or the URL and CODE on the back of the SquID.  If the SquID Wearer’s participation is not renewed at the end of the subscription period, the Squid wearer’s EMP will be unavailable by both the URL/CODE and SquID scan, so that the EMP information is unavailable to Emergency Responders.   Account Holders may terminate any Squid or User at any time for any reason. Account Holders may terminate their account at any time and for any reason. 
My ID Square is fully committed to protecting and preserving your personal and medical information.  Please be aware, however, that no security measures can guarantee perfect security.  My ID Square reserves the right to modify our Program and our policies at any time and for any reason.  My ID Square will provide you with a new policy statement if we make material changes to our privacy or security practices.  Continued use of and participation in the Program constitutes acceptance of any changes or amendments to the Program or My ID Square policies.