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Updating and Modifying Your Medical ID Profile

Modifying your medical ID profile

How to update your profile Your medical profile is the reason Squids are such powerful innovations for medical ID's. Your medical profile is where you put all the information that you want emergency responders to access and what information you want available when visiting a doctor. View sample medical profile here

Your medical profile becomes available for editing as soon as your Squid arrives in the mail and it can be updated as often as you would like. Whenever something changes, such as a change in medication, be sure to update your medical profile as soon as you can. When you add emergency contacts to your medical profile, you can choose whether they will be sent a confirmation message so they can confirm their role. View sample medical profile here.


How to Update and Modify your Profile




Viewing your medical ID profile

Your medical profile can be viewed by either scanning the QR code or by going to the URL on the on the Squid using any internet enabled device. Once at the medical profile, first responders will be asked if they want to alert your confirmed emergency contacts. If they do, a text and/or email message will be sent and the location of the scan will be included. It is also possible to view the medical profile without sending out this alert for non-emergency medical situations such as doctor visits. View sample medical profile here.

My ID Square understands how important privacy is to families and individuals with medical issues, and that is why we store all medical profiles in a firewall protected, database. We advise that you ask a physician about what information might be critical to have in your medical profile in case of emergency. View sample medical profile here.





How to Scan a Squid

How to Access Profile using Squid's URL and CODE