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About Us

My ID Square is passionate about creating the next generation of Medical and Sports IDs that will truly save lives and help ensure that people get the medical care they need in an emergency.

Our Squid IDs are now used by thousands of people and our IDs have saved many people's lives!

My ID Square's IDs were developed out of a physician's frustration with the lack of accurate and current patient medical information since electronic health records, though everywhere, do not communicate with one another. Joel, a nephrologist (kidney specialist), and his wife, Irene, a software engineer, decided to create a solution that would improve care and patient outcomes. Their Squid IDs, short for "Square IDs", do just that. 

My ID Square's Squids connect to a powerful, patient-managed Personal Health Record (PHR) which contains all the information needed to care for the patient in an emergency. The IDs also alert emergency contacts by text and email, if needed. With My ID Square, emergency responders get the vitally important information needed most, available 24×7. No phone call to a call center is needed.

Irene and Joel and  the My ID Square team are committed to continually improving their IDs to ensure that they are fulfilling their mission of merging  great design and style with function using the most advanced technologies to best serve you and your family. My ID Square ships to the USA, United Kingdom, and Canada.