-->       Her daughter’s Squid medical alert ID is especially helpful in the ER My ID Square                          

Crystal chose a Medical ID from My ID Square to make ER visits much easier

Before going to Disney World, Crystal ordered a Squid for her daughter from My ID Square: “I spoke to a customer service representative, and they were able to set up rush delivery so that we would have it in time. That was a huge help, they really were flexible to our needs.”

Crystal’s daughter is on the autism spectrum and has several chronic conditions, including one that is “so rare that few medical professionals even know about it.” Because harried and frightening visits to the ER are more likely for Crystal, her daughter’s Squid ID is especially helpful.

Crystal decided to buy a Squid Medical Alert ID for her daughter after an ambulance ride to the ER, “EMS called me asking about her syndrome while she was crying, it was very stressful. We have been back to the ER since then, and this ID made the experience so much easier. I think medical staff don’t like word of mouth from a nervous mother. They liked scanning the Squid Medical ID and pulling up everything on a screen. The online profile was much better at explaining her conditions that I would have been. They can look up what they need to know immediately.”

As any teenager, Crystal’s daughter loves to show off her jewelry. “The Squid ID is just another fashion accessory to her. She picked it out herself, a purple one, which is her favorite color. She still loves it, her teachers can pull up her data, and they think it is so cool.”