-->       For people who might get a servere Anaphylactic reaction, a Squid Medic Alert ID can help save their life My ID Square                          

Carrie, a very brave mom, has chosen to embrace her mask and her Squid ID

Carrie’s Squid ID is so easy to use that her children, aged 6 and 4, know how to scan the ID: “My kids are trained to scan my ID and use EpiPens so I get help I need in an emergency.”

Carrie lives with several rare and serious conditions, “Basically, I have severe life threatening reactions to artificial fragrances that are found in lots of products that are used in every day life. I’m also intolerant to gluten, dairy, and many medications. I can’t leave the house without a special mask, and I’m at a high risk of collapsing into convulsions and anaphylaxis.”

She has chosen to embrace wearing her mask and not be held back, and My ID Square’s bracelet has allowed her to do so with greater confidence. “Other IDs weren’t worth it, they couldn’t convey enough information. My medications are constantly changing, which made getting an engraved one impossible…this one is very helpful. I have it alert people that I need my mask to be put on immediately. That way, emergency responders don’t set off a reaction. My husband, mom, and mother in law all get texted immediately when it is scanned, so I know they’ll be able to help right away if I can’t talk.”

In the close-knit communities of people with similar conditions, My ID Square has caught on: “I posted about this on my facebook groups and shared it with my allergy mom friends, they think it is an excellent idea.”