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"For nurses, physicians, and other health professionals, Squid IDs are invaluable", says Terri, a Certified Nurse practitioner

Terri, a Certified Nurse Practitioner in Ohio, is passionate about My ID Square. “We have 700 nurses coming to the Ohio Association of Nurses’ annual conference, and I want all of them to know that these are out there for their patients.”

She first encountered My ID Square while evaluating a tricky patient. “I tried to ask him his medical history, but the patient couldn’t remember both his medical and surgical history. He handed me the dog tag, and I scanned the QR code with my phone. I got all of his medical info, and I found out from the profile that his father is in New York, and I was able to get in touch with the dad for more information.”

The man’s Squid quickly provided Terri with the info she needed and a way to contact the right people, unlike his other IDs, “he also had an ID with his allergies engraved and some surgical history, but they weren’t as up to date as the online medical profile.”

Terri wasted no time showing the Squid to colleagues: “I showed it to our nursing staff, and they really liked it. Several of our staff are transplant patients themselves, they were especially interested.”

For nurses, physicians, and other health professionals, Squid IDs are invaluable: “I have never seen anything like it before, except for poorly kept notes from patients. With this, I can get the most important basic information and find the right hospitals and physicians to call to get the right electronic records. It is so much easier than anything else out there.”

When it came to her own family and friends, Terri says, “ I got a little obsessed…I bought a few for my parents. My mother picked out the colors. I bought one for my cousin, who has has a son who is disabled. I also bought one for a nephew who has a son on the autism spectrum. He has gone wandering in the past, which is very scary."