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September 19, 2014

"My daughter's pediatrician and doctors love the Squids" - Amanda

Amanda has a tough time keeping a good thing to herself. After buying a Squid for her daughter, who has epilepsy, Amanda made the effort to give other parents the same peace of mind she enjoyed.

"My daughter's pediatrician and doctors love the Squids, and now they carry brochures for My ID Square in their offices," Amanda beams, "I have gone to the county to show the emergency medical personnel how it works, and they think it is great, as do the school nurses."

For Amanda, having a daughter with epilepsy creates a world of anxiety, but she feels at ease with her daughter wearing a Squid and Epilepsy MedAll, "I was always concerned that in the panic of an emergency I would forget some paperwork and medication history, but now it is all available instantly and effortlessly. I don't have to worry about having all of her necessary information on hand if she has a seizure."

Amanda's daughter, like most 9 year old girls, "never really liked the old medical alert bracelets.” But My ID Square’s jewelry is different, “she loves it much better than the previous ones. She chose her own color, which of course was purple, and added charms to it." The trendy style makes wearing the bracelet much more comfortable says Amanda, adding, "she learned how to do the scans herself, and now she has no problem getting a hold of me."

When we asked Amanda why she was so dogged about spreading the word, to her county, school, doctors, and friends, the answer was simple: “I’m just glad this is out there!”