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"It is amazing," say Michelle about her son's SquID

Michelle’s son is always on the go, as she puts it, “Chance is constantly riding his bike. He loves to be outside. He is very rough and tumble.” At the age of 8, however, Chance had a series of seizures and was diagnosed with Epilepsy. “My heart sank,” says Michelle, who was suddenly confronted with a battery of challenges and the pain of adjusting to “a new normal.”

Epilepsy is a brain disorder that can cause unpredictable seizures.  The risk of seizures makes school trips, bike rides, climbing trees, and playing sports much more dangerous for children, and Michelle wanted to give Chance the opportunity “to grow up, learn, and evolve, but be safe while doing it.”  

Epilepsy is a complicated condition, which requires constantly adjusting treatment, and most people don’t know how to manage epileptic children. Initially, Michelle got an ID band with Chance’s name, condition, and a family phone number, “It was better than nothing, but it didn’t give me much comfort. He didn’t like it.”

When she found My ID Square online, she says, “I was immediately sold.” She bought an Epilepsy MedAll to alert people of his condition and a SquID to provide more information. “I put his contacts, medications, and doctors into his profile. If he has a seizure, somebody can know what is happening and what hospital he should go to, and I get contacted. He is comfortable wearing it, and he doesn’t feel a stigma.”

For Michelle, Chance’s SquID has given him freedom, and it lets her breath easier. “He can go to a friend’s house without me giving the parents his life history. In case something happens, they have it. The unknown is always there, but not we can let him be the rambunctious 9-year old that he is. It is amazing”