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Judy, a diabetes educator says , "...my clients love this"

Judy has lived with diabetes for 50 years, and she has always struggled to find a suitable medical ID. “They were always ugly and expensive. My most recent one included an engraved phone number to call to get my medical information, but I had to pay to update my information, which was inconvenient and expensive. And the ID was an ugly metal band. The engraved information  quickly became illegible. My SquID, though, is cute, affordable, lightweight, durable, and so easy to use!” 
Judy dedicates her life to helping diabetes patients, helping them properly manage their diet and lifestyles. “Many people scrunch up their nose when you say ‘medical ID,’ but my clients love this! It is so easy to use and keep updated. Initially, I was concerned that my older clients would be put off by the technology, but the online interface is so straightforward that my most enthusiastic clients are well in to their 60s! It is exciting for older people to take control of their health with new technology.”
Judy’s younger clients, who want to avoid being labeled with medical IDs, have found the product appealing as well. “It is light and pretty, it simply looks like a bracelet, every piece is just so appealing to any age!” In addition to wearing one herself and showing her patients, Judy is buying one for her mother, “I can see my mother using this in the ER. It takes her forever to get her medications list together, and it is hard to keep updated. It gives me peace of mind that she can always have her medication list and recent hospitalizations on her.”