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For Teresa, the decision to buy a Squid ID has already paid off

“I used to have a big piece of paper in my purse with all of my medical information,” Teresa remembers, “but when I got in to a car accident the purse flew out of the car.” While the EMTs tried to ask her questions, “I just kept asking for my purse.”

Needless to say, they were a little confused.

Teresa, a pharmacy tech, needed a better option, and that’s when she found My ID Square. “I’d been looking for a bracelet, and I thought this one was awesome. I have a ton of different medical issues and I don’t want to wear fifteen things that say all of them. ”

The decision to buy a Squid ID truly paid off.

“I have used it a lot. I ended up in the ER a week ago. I thought I had a kidney stone. It was so painful. They scanned my Squid ID and it brought up all of my information, so I didn’t have to remember anything while in all that pain.”

Since her first car accident, Teresa had anxiety about driving, “but now I feel better going out in my car by myself because of my Squid ID. If I got in an accident, the EMTs would have everything they need. People to contact, medical history, drug allergies…everything.”

Amy and her wonderful service dog : Forever connected with their Squid IDs

Amy is a frequent flier in emergency rooms. “I have a couple of rare autoimmune diseases, and I tend to pass out in weird places. I used to carry a three-ring binder with all of my medical history. I passed out in festivals, and the EMTs and ER doctors had to look up my conditions online. They had no idea what was going on.”

With her new ID from My ID Square, the binder can go to the dustbin.

“Now that I have the ID, the ER doctors can pull up all of my diagnoses, allergies, and medical history right away. I have used it multiple times for emergencies and hospital visits. Physicians and EMTs love it.”

Amy is always with her service dog, and she even bought a Squid for him. “We are linked to each other. If I pass out, people know from my ID to look for my service dog. And if he goes missing, the ID helps people find me.”

She’s even started training dogs locally: “We are in close contact with Wagging Warriors in Springfield, Ohio, and we hope to become assistant trainers as part of the program. I think this is great for people with service animals. My dog weighs more than me but lays in my lap like a baby, I love him.”

In addition to her St. Bernard service dog, Amy has several children: “They are all teenagers and are very active…the ID gives them all comfort that they know things are OK when I can’t be around.”

"Now I show this to my physicians and they all say, ‘Wow, this is great," says Stephanie about her Squid ID

Managing a chronic condition such as Multiple Sclerosis requires juggling physicians, specialists, and a frequently changing list of medications. For Stephanie, keeping track of everything was a serious job: “I kept a spreadsheet in excel before getting my Squid.
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Crystal chose a Medical ID from My ID Square to make ER visits much easier

Crystal’s daughter is on the autism spectrum and has several chronic conditions, including one that is “so rare that few medical professionals even know about it.” Because harried and frightening visits to the ER are more likely for Crystal, her daughter’s Squid ID is especially helpful.
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Carrie, a very brave mom, has chosen to embrace her mask and her Squid ID

“Other IDs weren’t worth it, they couldn’t convey enough information. My husband, mom, and mother in law all get texted immediately when the ID is scanned, so I know they’ll be able to help right away if I can’t talk,” says Carrie, who has life threatening reactions to many airborne fragrances in many commonly used products.

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"For nurses, physicians, and other health professionals, Squid IDs are invaluable", says Terri, a Certified Nurse practitioner

“I have never seen anything like it before, except for poorly kept notes from patients. With this, I can get the most important basic information and find the right hospitals and physicians to call to get the right electronic records. It is so much easier than anything else out there,” says Terri, a Certified Nurse Practitioner in Ohio.

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"It probably saved my life."- Lexi says

When Lexi woke up in a hospital—dazed and confused—the doctors told her, “it was a lot easier to take care of you thanks to the Squid ID.”

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"It has truly been a life saver" - says Megan about her daughter's Squid ID

Isabella just turned seven, and she was diagnosed with Epilepsy years ago, “It was a constant worry for me before. I couldn't let her to go birthday parties,” Megan remembers. She bought a Squid ID and Epilepsy MedAll for her daughter, “It puts me at ease, I know that if her Squid ID is scanned I will be alerted, along with my husband and oldest daughter. I can loosen the strings and let her go be a kid again.” View full article →

Teresa is always showing the Squd ID bracelet to other doctors and nurses, who love My ID Square’s unique blend of function and fashion.

Between band practices and horseback riding, Anna is a teenager on the go, “she is busy,“ her mother told us. “She is a tough little kid, she wants to do everything, and her blood sugars are so much better when she is active.”

Anna has Type 1 Diabetes, so she is mindful of her blood sugar. Her parents are both registered nurses, and they how important it is to keep track of their daughter’s medical needs and inform people of Anna’s condition in the event of an emergency.

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