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Food Allergy: Are you Squid Hip or Square?

Posted December 8, 2015
By Caroline Moassessi

It’s true. Necessity IS the mother of invention. I don’t recall who made this statement, but clearly it was whispered into the ears of Irene and Joel Glickman, founders of My ID Square. If you haven’t already met the medical ID system called Squid IDs or Squares, let me introduce you. Not only did I have the opportunity to review their product for Allergic Living Magazine, I was able to test drive one too. Disclaimer: I was not paid or asked to talk about these fab products. I believe you might find these as an interesting solution for managing an anaphylactic emergency. So, let’s get talking! The medicals IDs available are not limited just to food allergies, they include diabetes, Celiac, Alzheimers, asthma, autism, dialysis, and many other health conditions.
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My ID Square: A Review of Medical ID Squid Square

Posted October 25, 2015
By Emily Donoghue

Living Well with Epilepsy

The squids are 100% waterproof, so you do not need to worry about taking them off to swim or bathe. There are so many designs to choose from and they are made to fit YOU. I’m so pleased with my squid, I don’t need to worry about people looking at me because I am wearing an Epilepsy alarm or an alert band because this design is discreet and you are able to buy extra charms to go on it to make it more personal to you.
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My ID Square: Medical IDs you WANT to wear! #FoodAllergies #MedicalAlert

Keely McGuirePosted November 24, 2015
By Keeley

Did you know that over 95% of EMTs look for Medical IDs in emergencies?
Medical IDs can also prevent a potential life threatening situation from happening by helping you get help before it becomes an emergency.
That's why we love our new My ID Square Medical ID! They're a fun, colorful and interchangeable Medical ID that was designed by doctors, EMTs and patients to keep you safe (and looking great).
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Review: My ID Square is Life Changing

Posted March 17, 2014
By Lauren

I’m excited to announce that there is a new line of medical alert jewelry that is changing the way that we see and use the jewelry and it’s truly living up to the the “alert” piece in the title.  Just like the 
Auvi-Q, it’s innovative, smart, and it takes the need for medical alert jewelry and beautifully marries it with advances in technology. What is it? It’s the My ID Square.
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My ID Square – #review of this new Medical Alert Technology @myIDSquare

Cindy at VegetarianMamma.comPosted March 26, 2014
By Cindy

This amazing technology comes in several trendy jewelry pieces, which are perfect for girls, boys and adults! love the bracelet options that the ID Squares come in!  SO cute! We choose the dog tag style called Squid Tags for our boys!
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My ID Square - Not Your Grandma's Medical ID

Trust Me, I'm a MomPosted February 5, 2014
By Michelle
My ID Square was made by a husband/wife team.  The husband (Joel) is a kidney specialist & the wife (Irene) is a software engineer.  I love that they joined forces to help families around the world.   They've done an awesome job of coming up with this idea & executing it.  I'm very impressed with the ease of accessing Paige's account & all of the information I can add. 
I love this new concept for Medical IDs & would recommend them to anyone!
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