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April 15, 2015

Person with Autism vs. Autistic Person - Does It Matter?

Autism DefinedThere has been some discussion in recent years regarding the terminology used to describe people with autism. In fact, even here at My ID Square we've received comments questioning our use of the word "autistic" on some of our products, suggesting that it's derogatory to label someone as autistic, preferring the phrase "person with autism" instead. There are arguments for each that certainly sound logical and well thought out. So does it matter? Is it just about personal preference? Have we gotten too politically correct or bogged down with minutiae that we don't focus on what's really important? I'll leave that answer up to you since different people prefer different terminology, so perhaps there is no right or wrong answer. (Feel free to Google “autism vs. autistic” and you’ll see lots of opinions about this, especially from parents. As an example, here’s one side of the story, and here's the other side, both from the same website, interestingly. In any case, at My ID Square our intention is certainly not to offend, but rather to identify, notify, and create awareness. Feel free to choose the product and terminology (and design!) that you see fit.

If you’re looking for medical IDs for a person with autism, consider some of My ID Square’s pre-printed charms and dog tags to create your own medical bracelets and medical necklaces. There are plenty of options and they can serve as standalone identification or as a supplement to a traditional medical ID. 

Take a look at our pre-printed charms specifically for ASD:

Here are our pre-printed dog tags specifically for ASD


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